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Alliance Insurance Agency serves the business insurance needs for those located in Las Vegas, and throughout the State of Nevada and works tirelessly to provide the best insurance solutions for many types of businesses.
For Nevada business owners, having a back up plan to protect against unexpected expenses is extremely important. Being in possession of an insurance policy could protect you against such things as loss or damage to the business and its contents, lawsuits that are filed against you, business vehicles, on-the-job injuries, as well as any interruption to your business.  There are several different types of business insurance to consider and we pride ourselves on educating our potential policy holder’s to make sure they have all the information needed to make the right decision for their needs.
The most common type of business insurance is general liability.  This type of coverage is designed to protect the business owner in the event of a claim from a person or entity contending that an occurrence arising out of the conduct of your business caused them some type of harm. The maximum amount the policy will pay is directly dependent upon the limits of liability purchased.  Liability limits are stated on the declarations page of your policy.  It is important to get an accurate valuation of possible expenses occurred in the event of an accident.
Some other types of popular insurance programs include property, liability, worker's compensation, commercial auto, business interruption, business crime, and umbrella insurance coverage.
At Alliance Insurance Agency, we specialize in providing Nevada business owners with outstanding customer service and competitive rates on all of their business insurance needs!

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